For 3 generations, Dell’Orto S.p.A. has been focused on the production of air-fuel systems, always winning the Customers and market challenges.
Dell’Orto S.p.A. is a fully integrated company in terms of production and the headquarters in Cabiate – Italy perform the whole production process phases.
Worldwide present with a production plant, Dell’Orto India Pvt. Ltd., in India and with a technical and commercial site in China, Dell’Orto Shanghai Trading Company.

Motorsport and passion: a combination that has led the Italian company to affirm its presence in the 2 & 4-wheel drive market with its products, the know-how and the business network set up in over eighty years of research and development, production and distribution of air-fuel systems.



Via Kennedy 7 - 22060 Cabiate (CO) - Italy


(+39) 031 76921111


(+39) 031-7692216


Andrea Dell'Orto


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