Uncontested leader in the range of high quality helmets, Max is now the most leading edge in the field of technological innovation applied to a product, the motorbike helmet that, under the ephemeral aspect of beauty, conceals the extreme safety of quality. Born nearly 50 years ago by the passion of its founder Massimo Spriano, Max still produces its 100% Made in Italy helmets in Monferrato (Piedmont). In recent years, more than 4,000,000 helmets have been shipped to over 28 countries. Quality, passion and innovation have made the success of Max quality helmets: from the first original memorable jet 70s models up to the most modern and technological versions with customized, scratched and “scratch” finishing.



Strada Pizzo 11/A 15040 Mirabello Monferrato (AL)




(+39) 0142670155


Gael Vignaud

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